ContactCommon errors

For emergency errors, call us at +46 868 44 88 70 during office hours (8.30 am - 5 pm). Out of office hours you can call us at +46 868 44 88 60 or if there's a number to call in the stairway entrance.

For a real emergency, fire, crime, sickness, then first call 112 swedens emergency number.




The vaccuum cleaner is not working / working badly


First, control if the bag or container is full of dust and garbage. If the bag is full then you need to change it out. As a standard in our apartments the vaccuum cleaner's bag is empty on arrival and after that it is the tenants responsibility to buy and change out the bags.

Also make sure that there is nothing stuck in the pipe or tube, clean them out if they are blocked.


If there is still a problem, then contact us and tell us what you have tried.



 The lamp / electricity in a room isnt working.


Control if it's just the lightbulb that is broken. Lightbulbs are a consumeable that the tenant need to switch out themselves (If you recently started to rent the apartment, then you can contact us).

If it does not appear to be the lightbulb, then it might be the fuse that has gone off. Fuseboxes can be found diffeerent places depending on which apartment it is, though the most common is in the hall after the apartment door.

The fuse box might also be found in the closet, cleaning cupboard or a bedroom.



Please note: If there are no electricity at all in the apartment you can contact us, however if you could check apartments nearby if they seem to be out as well, then it could be a power outage of the area. 



The stove /oven is not working



Is it completely dead, so that nothing works at all if you try to turn on the heat?
A simple sollution that you can check yourself is to see if the child safety lock is on. One of the turndials usually have a lock symbol on it, if that one is turned on then the entire stove will not be able to turn on. You usually need to push or pull the dial
to be able to move it and turn it away from the lock symbol, try this and see if it works afterwards.


One alternative can also be that the phase plug is down, first check the fuse box to see if any of the fuses have gone off, if a fuse has gone off it might be some underlying problem, for example a lot of electrical appliances are on at the same time, or it might be a fluke. If the fuses are all good, then you can contact us because then it is either a main fuse or the stove itself.




Bad smell in the bathroom / from the drain


First try to flush the system with water in the drain that the smell is coming from, it could be that the drains are not used as much recently and that it has dried out, which can cause a smell from the sewers.
You can also check the water locks in the drainpipes, they need to be cleaned now and then from hair or pieces of food that might have stuck.




Water is draining slowly 


If the water is draining slowly in any of the sinks or in the shower/bathtub, the first you need to check is to see if you can fix it yourselves.

You can try flushing water strongly and checking the water locks according to the previous point.


If you report an error of a blockage of the sewerdrains and we need to send out someone immedtiately but it then shows that the error was something simple like the water locks not having been checked, a fee will be debited to you since it then was not an emergency errand.



Internet is not working


Do you have internet from us and it is not working?


The first thing you can do yourself is to check all the connections to the router, this will be a bit different depending on which internet you have from us and what could be the error.

If you have Comhem, then check that the antenna is fitted correctly in both the wall socket and the router. Also check if the power cable is in it.

If you have Tele2 and a window comes up on your phone or computer telling you that you have used up all the internet traffic for the router, then you will not be able to use it much until the end of the month, since new internet bandwidth will be reset around midnight to the 1st of the new month.


If there are still problems with the internet, there is a small hole somewhere on the router usually with the words "Reset" next to it. 
If you, with the help of a pin or something similar press the button in this hole whilst the router is powered on, this will reset the router and can fix some problemes with it.


If it still does not work, then plesae send us an email on  or you can call us at +46 868 44 88 60 and then choose option 3.

Describe what internet you have and what you have done to try to fix it, then we can go further to fix the problem.



TV channels stopped working


Comhem, our TV provided for most of our apartments stopped sending the TV programmes by analogue means on 2020-09-08.  You can check their webpage here:

However the page is in swedish, but I can suggest you use google translate on the page for more full instructions, otherwise you can read our brief instructions below.


You need to change the "source" of your TV, which you can do by the TV remote.


On the remote for your TV, there is one button that will display the sources for the TV, usually just named Source. It tends to be on top of the remote or in the middle.

Pressing this button shows up a menu from which you can choose different sources for the TV, what you will need to use from now on is DVB-C.


After you have chosen DVB-C, you will need to search for the channels, which is usually done in the menu and installation menu.


For an exact instruction of how to do this, you can check the internet for the TV modelnumber which is normally on the backside of the TV, from where you can usually find a manual for the TV pretty easy.



Cold in the apartment, the radiators are cold. 


Every year when the heat gets turned up again after the summer, air in the radiators can occur.

This is the tenants responsibility to address, you need some kind of tool so you can turn the vents at the end of the radiators.

You use the tool to open the airing vent in the side of the radiator, be ready with a cup below it to catch any water. 

If the water just runs and you hear no air coming, then close it and move on to the next, if there is any air in them you can hear it vent out when you open them after all the air is out then close the vent again.

Here is a link for a good overview how to air them out: Video


If you have aired out all the radiators but the apartment still is cold after a few hours, then you can report it to us.


The normal temperatures in apartments in Sweden is around 20 degrees Celsius during winter time, usually it is 20 degrees +- 2 degrees.  

Our apartments normally have automated heating systems, they will try to balance it out on around 20 degrees.